It’s not all bath bombs and Instagram posts, Self Care Sundays really matter

Self-Care doesn't have to be picture perfect! In fact, we think that it's for everybody, no matter what. That's why today we wanted to share why Self-Care Sundays are so important, to celebrate World Mental Health Day.

#SelfcareSunday has over 1M posts on Instagram.

For that reason, you’re probably not alone if one of the following images comes to mind when you think of the term…

  1. Sparkly bath bombs and impractical bath board setups 
  2. People that definitely did not just wake up posing with breakfast in bed 
  3. Very expensive loungewear that looks the opposite of comfortable

Whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with aesthetically pleasing self-care (it certainly makes for pretty Instagram grids!), we don’t think that Self-Care Sundays are only for those that have picture-worthy days. They’re for everyone. It doesn’t matter how you choose to practice them. It’s just about committing a day to looking after YOU.

Truth is, a lot of women struggle to give themselves time. Take mothers as just one example: On their list of priorities, their own health often comes last. That’s why we believe in the power of Self-Care Sundays and wanted to share our thoughts to celebrate World Mental Health Day. The practice makes self-care a part of the schedule, as a reminder to us all that we need to take a moment to breathe. It stops self-care from being an optional extra and makes it into a weekly necessity. 

Beating burnout before it bites

One of the main benefits of committing to a weekly practice like Self-Care Sunday is the preventative benefits.

23% of employees in one study said that they felt burned out more often than not. This can manifest in a variety of ways, including tiredness, frequent illness and irritability. All in all, burnout doesn’t make for a very happy you.

The best way to avoid burnout is to take time away from work. To pause. To breathe. To let yourself just be, without the pressure to be productive! Self-care Sundays provide a brilliant vehicle for this, by encouraging you to commit a whole day to not working. 

By logging out of emails, not stressing about to-do lists and, instead, doing something that we love or brings us joy, we can help keep burnout at bay. In essence, these days of self-love force us to pause before we reach a destructive point.

Pressing the re-set button

In the same vein, Self-Care Sundays also give you the opportunity to re-set before the work week begins. That way, you don’t start Monday feeling just as exhausted as you did on Friday at 5pm!

Whether it’s a long bath with your favourite Halcyon Naturals candle or a duvet day with your favourite book, getting headspace could allow you to hit the ground running the next day. That means better focus and just generally getting more done. Sometimes taking time to not be productive is actually the most productive thing that you can do, isn’t it?

Creating a happier you

Let’s put productivity aside for a moment, though.

Most importantly, committing time to self-care allows you to be the happiest, most fulfilled version of yourself. And isn’t that what life is all about?

Doing things that make us feel good should be a part of our routines and it’s a failure of modern society that they often aren’t. In the past year alone, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. So, for your mental health’s sake, self-care has never been so crucial.

You deserve to feel at peace and Self-Care Sundays are one really powerful way to encourage that.

Helping you to help others

As the brilliant saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”.

Many of us put the needs of those we love before our own, even if it’s detrimental to us. We would love for you to commit one day a week to you, only for you! However, we know that you may need to hear how it’ll benefit others. So, as a final note, we think it’s also worth pointing out that Self-Care Sundays allow you to help others more effectively.

You can’t love as the best version of yourself when you’re stressed, anxious or irritable. “Me time” really does allow you to re-charge your giving batteries.

A helping hand for your next Self-Care Sunday

It’s crucial to remember that self-care looks different to everyone and that, as such, your Self-Care Sunday might not be picture perfect. It could include a sparkly bath bomb, but it could also include a big chunk of makeup-free time in front of a film. Both are totally valid!

If you’re feeling stuck for what to do each week, try to tick off at least four of the seven types of self-care…

  1. Emotional self-care, meaning anything that makes you happy.
  2. Physical self-care, meaning moving your body in a way that feels good or eating a nourishing meal.
  3. Mental self-care, meaning an act that helps your mental health, however that looks to you.
  4. Social self-care, meaning being conscious of whether you should or shouldn’t be with people.
  5. Spiritual self-care, meaning anything that helps you to connect with your religion or your highest self, such as reading a holy text, doing meditation or simply practising deep breathing.
  6. Practical self-care, meaning helping your future self out. For example, by planning the week ahead or tidying!
  7. Professional self-care, meaning doing something (small!) that will make you happier at work next week.

Our Signature Scent for October – Relax – is also an absolutely dreamy addition to your Self-Care Sunday. With a stunning blend of pure essential oils chosen for their calming properties, it’s a bestseller for a reason!

Eucalyptus is a multi-faceted oil known for its ability to combat stress, relieve cold symptoms and dissipate brain fog.

Lavender works wonders with its calming and stress relieving properties, detoxifying rooms and improving sleep quality.

Lemongrass is an anti-anxiety, mood-boosting oil used to aid sleep and relieve stress.

Together they blend to form the ultimate Self-Care Sunday treat, to help you find calm in both the body and the mind, no matter what the week has thrown at you. We offer this must-have as a candle, room mist and diffuser.

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