5 Simple but Luxurious Ways to Celebrate International Friendship Day

Show your friends just how much you value them! Here are 5 grown-up ways to celebrate International Friendship Day...

We all have moments where we feel like we have too much to juggle, don’t we?

Your career. Children. Social media. The gym. Relationships. Family. Friends. It’s completely normal for it all to feel a little overwhelming from time to time. Getting your priorities clear and knowing where to focus most of your energy is a huge challenge!

That’s why we love reminders like International Friendship Day, as a little nudge to step back and show our friends just how much we appreciate them. With the modern world snapping at our heels, it’s easy to forget to tell the people that we care about just how much we really do care about them.

So, to celebrate International Friendship Day, which is later this month on July 30th, we wanted to give you 5 ways to show your friends some love. Some are big, some are small, but all are guaranteed to bring them a smile.

Simply send a text

We get it. You’re both busy!

If arranging a face-to-face meetup or even a phone call seems way out of reach at the moment, a text is still a simple way to show that you’re thinking about them. Whether you type it up whilst waiting for the tube, as your coffee brews or as you wait in line for your breakfast, just send something from the heart.

Tell them that they’re on your mind and are always important in your life, no matter how hectic it may get.

Give them a gift 

Whilst of course not necessary, gifting is always an extra special way to show your appreciation of loved ones. That includes friends!

Opt for something that you know they’ll love. Whether that’s their favourite cookies baked by you, or something a little more luxurious like one of our hand-poured candles, give some thought to what would really make them feel valued.

Our Friendship scent could be the perfect solution. As with all of our carefully blended scents, we offer Friendship in candle, room spray and diffuser form.  As a part of our Relate Mood, it’s one of our scents that is crafted to help you build deeper connections and more powerful relationships. It’s a blend of soothing aromas like chamomile and yarrow to bring peace, alongside uplifting citrus notes of litsea cubeba and lemon.

That way, not only will their gift help your friend to feel more connected to all of the people they love, but it will forever remind them of you!

Take them for a luxury picnic 

Embrace this beautiful weather by getting outside and enjoying each other’s company.

Tell your friend that you will take control of the picnic and buy some of their absolute favourites. Their go-to wine or soft drink. Some snacks they love. A few sweet treats. Simply add in a blanket and you’re ready for the friendship date of a lifetime. 

It will give you the perfect chance to catch up on each other’s lives, completely free from distractions. 

Find a way to give them a break 

Perhaps your friend has a lot on their plate. Whether they’re a parent, are working several jobs or just have a lot on at the moment, one of the best ways to show them your appreciation is to find some way of giving them a break.

Perhaps this could look like offering to take the kids off their hands for an evening, so that they can enjoy some much-needed alone time.

Maybe you could cook them some freezer meals or gift them a few days from a meal delivery service, so that they don’t have to stress about getting dinner ready every night.

Or maybe it’s just asking them what errand you can run for them, that would give them enough time to have a slower cup of coffee in the morning.

Sometimes these simple acts are the most meaningful. In a world that feels like it never stops, a break is always appreciated and being able to give that to someone is an incredibly meaningful gesture. 

Give them the chance of winning our Friendship candle 

It should be no surprise that our scent of the month is Friendship

We want to give you and your friend the chance of winning one of our hand-poured essential oil candles to celebrate International Friendship Day. It’s simple: Leave a comment below and join our mailing list, nominating your friend and why you love them. We’ll get in touch with a randomly selected winner to get your details soon.

However you choose to celebrate, we hope that you get to have some meaningful moments with the people you love this International Friendship Day. Whilst the world may feel busier than ever in 2020, there’s little more valuable than these powerful connections.

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