Your guide to the ultimate boujee bath (or shower!) that’s kind to your mind and the planet

From face masks to French manicures, there’s no ingredient quite as key to a pamper evening as the boujee bath or shower! Get your hands on our ultimate guide to making yours better than ever in our latest blog post. 🛁

Whether you’re a seasoned aromachology advocate or you’re new to this mindful approach to the everyday, we’re confident that you – like we at Halcyon Naturals – know the power of a luxurious night of self-care. And from face masks to French manicures, there’s no ingredient quite as key to a pamper evening as the boujee bath or shower!

It’s safe to say that we know our stuff! With a love for wellbeing, each of our ethically crafted products is sustainably sourced so that we nurture the planet and your mental state. The scent industry is saturated with unnatural – and sometimes even toxic – ingredients which are far from eco-conscious. That’s why we’ve formulated eco-friendly, elegant home scents that make indulging in a sumptuous self-care routine guilt-free and cruelty-free.

If you’re ready to design your own boujee bath or shower, here are our top tips and eco essentials to enjoy a more halcyon state of mind.

Use the power of aromachology 

Formulated to complement your elegant evening in, our Relax Mood candles offer a simple way to elevate your boujee bath or shower experience. With warm and fresh notes, we’ve created four scents that set the tone for reducing stress: the healing Relax Signature, the gentle Peace Candle, the balancing Calm Candle and the clarifying Breathe Candle.

All super soothing and all super sustainable! Simply light one for a few moments before it’s time to get into the water, to fill your bathroom with their essential oil based scent. Plus, you can test them all and find your favourite with our Relax Mood Pack

Set the mood 

From soothing waterproof LED lights and flower petals, to hanging eucalyptus plants from your shower head, there are a whole host of ways to make your bathroom look like the perfect space for some serious self-care.

Adapt your setting based on how you want to feel after your bath or shower. To connect with your sensuality, sprinkle rose petals in your bath. To feel refreshed, open your windows (when possible!) to let as much natural light in as possible. And to ease into sleep, lower those lights and get your fluffy towels at the ready.

Perfect for when you’re seeking relaxation, this month’s Halcyon Naturals Subscription Box includes a himalayan salt tea light holder (with tea lights, of course), which is known as an energy cleansing and utterly soothing self-care essential. 


Treat your skin and your mind

Don’t just use your bath or shower as a chance to indulge in a moment of relaxation. Indulge in some skincare for your body too!

Firstly, thoroughly exfoliate yourself from tip to toe. Avoid synthetic exfoliation sponges which are often made of plastic or other non-biodegradable materials. Instead opt for a completely natural loofah, which is not only biodegradable but a totally renewable resource (did you know it was a plant?!). Lather this up with your favourite cruelty-free shower gel of choice, really focusing on the sensations of your body as you do so. This is a brilliant way to tap into some much-needed mindfulness. 

Don’t forget to also include moisturisation in your boujee bath or shower! We love these oils from Verdant Alchemy, a fellow woman-owned and gloriously sustainable brand here in the UK. They can be applied directly to the skin or poured into the bath and, like our home fragrance products, use the power of essential oils. 

As the icing on top of the (vegan) cake, we’re adding luxurious bath tea bags to this month’s Halcyon Naturals Subscription Box to help you to soothe, soften and relax while evoking naturally enchanting scents. 

Select a playlist

There are plenty of studies which highlight the impact of music on your mood and wellbeing, which is why we’ve curated the ultimate high-vibration playlist to complement any self-care experience. Press play on the Halcyon Vibes playlist as you slip into a luxurious evening of indulgence, and enjoy the power of meditative music which speaks to your soul.

Just make sure that you keep any non-waterproof electronics away from your tub!

If you’re not in the mood for music, there are other ways to set the mood through the power of sound. Nature sounds, guided meditations and even ASMR are some brilliant options that allow you to tailor your experience. 

Finish with flavour 

No self-care evening is complete without the delicious punctuation of plant-based snacks, right? For vegan cookies we recommend women-owned The Good Cookie, if you’re a vegetarian in the mood for cake you’ll adore Dee’s Basement, and for 100% natural plant-based savoury snacks, CHIKA’S Foods is the brand for you!

For the ultimate indulgence, invest in a high-quality bamboo bath caddy, so that you can have your tasty treats, a book and a glass of the good stuff at your disposal. No more dripping your way down the corridor because you forgot something… Or, if you’re enjoying a shower instead, have your snacks in a bowl ready for you when you get out. It might be the only thing that can convince you to do so!

What are your boujee bath or shower essentials? Which Halcyon Naturals scent do you love to enjoy during self-care activities? Let us know on social media, @halcyonnaturalsuk.

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